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Despite its name, sports massage isn’t just intended for athletes and fitness fanatics. Muscle tension and discomfort can be caused by exertion from exercise, but equally from less vigorous activity such as spending too much time sitting at a desk.

If you do take part in sport, a sports massage pre event will increase the blood flow to your muscles helping the tissues to warm up and remove any tension, all of which helps to prevent injury. A post event sports massage  will remove any toxins and lactic acid which has built up, aiding your recovery ready for your next event.

When you book a sports massage with me we will start by going through a detailed assessment to identify the cause of the problem, and come up with a treatment plan to meet your individual requirements. My sports massage treatments will use a combination of massage techniques, Myofascial release techniques, and passive/assisted stretching to tackle your issue.

So whether you are struggling with a muscle injury, suffering with persistent Neck or Back pain, or just need general tension and soreness easing out of your muscles, contact me for your free telephone consultation.

I am based at –

15-17 Lawn Avenue
West Midlands

Telephone 07866275195