As a blind person since the age of four, touch has been a crucial sense to help me interpret the world around me.  I have experienced the physical and mental benefits of massage for many years.  So, when I found myself out of work and trying without success to find a way back in, I decided to learn how to deliver a professional massage myself, and pass on the benefits I have experienced to other people.

Simon Hill ImageI studied and passed a diploma in Swedish Massage, and as I had hoped, I found I got great satisfaction from easing people’s physical and mental aches and pains.

I decided to call the business Simon Hill Holistics.  This was because while on my learning journey with Swedish Massage, I discovered that as well as different massage treatments and techniques, there is a range of holistic treatments which have been practiced in various forms for hundreds of years.  All of these are with the aim of soothing the mind body and soul. I found learning about some of them very interesting.  Therefore, my future plan is now to become qualified to offer more than just massage.  I firmly believe that our bodies and minds need taking care of as one.

Benefits of Swedish Massage

  • Reducing stress in your mind and muscles, which helps to improve sleep and reduce headaches.
  • Releasing of endorphins such as Serotonin and Dopamine, improving your mood and feeling of emotional wellbeing.
  • Improved blood circulation, helping to flush out Lactic Acid and Uric acid which can build up in muscles and cause pain.
  • Increased circulation also means more oxygen delivered to your muscles which boosts your energy levels.
  • Improves posture and increases flexibility and range of motion in your joints.

So if you have some knots and niggles that need ironing out, or you would just like some relaxation time to clear your mind, have a look at the different massages I currently offer, and contact me to discuss your requirements.


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Simon has a natural approach to his work and you feel at ease and totally relaxed. I always feel amazing afterwards and my shoulders feel like new again. Highly recommended and totally tailored to your requirements.

Charlie Garbett – 16 July 2021


Such a great and friendly service! Felt very welcome from the second I arrived at my appointment, my whole body feels brand new, has a lovely relaxing atmosphere and I would definitely go again!

Shona Jones – 9 July 2021